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Welcome to the PowerVR Insider developer support system!


Registered developers have full access to our free application-level support. Registration allows you to file confidential support tickets, provides access downloads that aren't included in our public SDK and allows you to track the feedback you've given. You can register by clicking here, or clicking the Register link at the top of the login widget.

Note: You cannot use your Imagination Developer Forum or Community credentials to login to the Support portal. A separate account must be created.

Ticket support
File a ticket to confidentially discuss issues with our developer support team

The Downloads section provides access to packages that are not included in our public SDK release (for example, GLSL ES disassembly compilers if you've signed our NDA).

If you want to download the PowerVR Graphics SDK, please visit our SDK download page

Signing our NDA

If you would like to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to access additional tools, documentation and discuss technology more openly with us, please complete this application form


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